Chris McKnight, PT, CHP

Christine McKnight is a licensed physical therapist and a Hellerwork practitioner. She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from Ithaca College in New York, and she studied Hellerwork at the Institute of Structural Medicine. Chris has trained with many experts in the field of myofascial release including Donna Bajelis, PT; Tom Myers (Rolfer); Joseph Heller, CHP; John Barnes, PT; the Upledger Institute; and the Barral Institute.

Chris is in private practice specializing in manual therapy and Hellerwork. Her treatment approach is whole-body focused. She evaluates the fascial system of the body by visual observation of static posture and the body in movement. She evaluates by palpating the texture and consistency of the different fascial layers, and by performing myofascial length testing to locate restrictions and interpret their relationship with the myofascial lines or meridians of the body. She also uses Osteopathic Listening Techniques to locate the body’s primary area of restriction.